Timeless retro games. Online multiplayer.

Timeless retro games. Online multiplayer.


  • Internet infrastructure is not ready yet for cloud gaming: Cloud gaming requires a perfect connection which most people don’t have, especially in emerging markets.
  • Lack of social features on cloud gaming platforms: While co-watching websites flourish, depressurized co-gaming is still untapped. It’s particularly true for casual segments.
  • Cloud services are paymium and designed for “hardcore” gamers: All cloud gaming services require an upfront cost that is keeping away casual players used to the freemium model.



Free cloud gaming platform to hangout and play premium retro games with your friends online.

The startup is on a mission to professionalize video game emulation and beat piracy the same way Spotify beat music piracy. You can play with anyone with a link to your game room, random matchmaking and public game rooms are coming soon.

  • A freemium, legal and convenient cloud-based gaming platform
  • A mass market entertainment social platform that is not only for people identifying themselves as gamers.
  • Hyper focused on the online hangout experience with easy to play franchises
  • Available on any connected device and can run in hybrid cloud/local mode for weaker internet connections.
  • Modernization: However, retro games fall short of modern players’ expectations, we modernized them with online multiplayer, social, battle royale, camera controls, mini games, achievements and improved graphics



  • 18.9 billion illegal rom downloads per year.
  • 1 out of 3 consoles sold in the US in 2018 was dedicated to retro gaming. Nintendo alone sold for over $1.5B in 2018
  • The retro gaming market is worth 6 billion dollars but at least 43% of it is directly going to piracy
  • 86% of the 2.5M hours of gaming a month on Parsec are dedicated to retro and indie games. 0 dollars go back to licensors
  • 40% of most searched games on Twitch are retro and 1 out 3 streamers will feature at least one retro game weekly.
  • Cloud gaming is the fastest-growing market in gaming with 29% CAGR

Business model

Starting with retro-game as their first vertical.

In-App Purchases:

  • 3D filters/masks sold between $0.99 and $4.99


  • 1.5 ad shown per 15-min session
  • Target video ad CPM: 15-25 USD CPM

Premium Subscription:

  • Monthly subscription $7.99
  • No ads for the player and people playing with this person
  • Bring your own game option (can upload any legal ROM)


Licensor Revenue Sharing:

  • $1.325 USD/1,000 minutes played paid to the licence owner

(Spotify’s rate is $0.97)

  • 20% RS on the 3D filters based on an IP


Customer acquisition

Soft-launched in France 4 months ago.

Waiting list: 2000+

Beta testers: a few hundreds of handpicked beta testers

Premium game licenses signed: 18

Games in production: 2

Engagement KPIs look good. High potential to create network effect and social vertical based on the a16z research around social network effects and the fastest-growing mobile social apps in the U.S. Here I focus mostly on the vertical communities and social shared experiences.


Stage: Pre-seed

Number of investors: 4 term-sheets signed

Team: 16 people

  • Former head of analytics at Facebook and head of research at Twitch. Created the data science department at Gameloft and is credited in over 20 mobile games. Lecturer in several universities including the MIT;
  • Team from Google, EA, Xbox, Twitter, Fb, top open source emulation contributors;
  • Advisors are co-founders from Zynga, Humble Bundle as well as video game execs from Ubisoft, EA.

Revenue and expenses: no data



Ask from community


They are looking for experienced legal & risk officer who will be able to manage the relationships between game producers. Let me know and I will connect with the founder.

What's next?

Let me know if you are interested to speak with the team and get more information about fundraising - Akim Arhipov