Story and mission

I am a gamer and player. In the 2000s, I learned coding as a student: launched Lineage 2 gaming servers and a couriers service in my small room in Narva, Estonia. I remember my mom's eyes when we sold digital knives on our server for 100$. She locked me in my room considering I sell drugs on the street. It’s been an amazing feeling! That’s how I started to play CS 1.6. semi-professionally and lead my team to win the first Estonian tournaments. In 2010, I moved to Edinburgh, Scotland. I worked 12 hours per day at a production line to be able to survive and continue my studies. It was a mind-blowing burst of motivation! Hustling around, I got a job at HSBC's head office with 10,000 employees in it, while still finishing a university degree in banking and finance.

While studying at the university, I was invited to help set up a new transportation company in Europe. I was inspired by the idea of allowing people of all ages and incomes to meet their families cheaper and faster than before. The goals were achieved through bold solutions in data analytics and machine learning. More than 70 lines were launched and 250+ trips were being performed by 130 buses on a daily basis. Eight million people per year were enabled to travel comfortably and with bigger ease than before. The result was inspiring and I challenged myself to understand better how people interact, and how culture and habits affect decision making.

The concept of improved interaction in the real world through IT solutions drove me to Singapore. Together with my team, we created a global identity verification and personal data management tool that would simplify access to financial tools for unbanked people while meeting the highest security requirements. This is how BASIS ID was born, and now it’s part of the ZignSec family.

In 2018, I was listed on Forbes 30 Under 30 for contribution to the development of the digital identity in Asia. By the age of 26, I visited more than 40 countries, climbed the largest volcanoes, and survived in Kamchatka.

My strategy during the last 10 years was to say "yes" to every incoming opportunity. However, this negatively affected my perception of life values. I asked myself - what I really liked during the whole life? I enjoyed working with people, risk, competition, feeling to move forward, and self-growth. But where it’s originated? In games. I remember playing Lineage2, Warcraft, CS 1.6, - negotiation skills, decision making, first psychology lessons, and the most important - fun, - I got from there.

So I can do something in gaming. I started to play again and watch streams. I joined Discord channels, spoke with 100+ streamers, pro-players, game producers & publishers, top studio executives, and many others who are involved in this niche. It’s a large but lonely space. eSport is trending. The number of streamers is growing. The number of burnouts is growing too - it’s a very competitive, grueling, and energy-consuming niche.

After months of exploring, I feel passionate about strengthening streamers to achieve the desired result: personal satisfaction without burnouts, quality time with subscribers, viewers' growth, and financial independence. I believe we can make a change and empower creators to succeed.

I really love it and from time to time I do crazy shots like the one below. Check this out and let me share more about goBuddy in the following slides.