Progress & Timeline

End of January 2020, project gobuddy.ai was started

February 2020:

  • Vladimir Funtikov, CEO of Creative Mobile joined as an active advisor in game development, team building and performance
  • Interviewed 98 Twitch streamers and development roadmap created
  • Daniel Roda, ex-UI/UX designer, King joined as an advisor

March 2020:

Avatar V1.0 designed.

  • Kristine Young, Global Marketing Manager, Playstation joined as an advisor
  • Grig Kuznetsov, ex-EVP Global Financial Services, Wirecard joined as an active advisor in payment processing and payouts
  • Arina Tšekanina, ex-Chief Legal Officer, BASIS ID joined as a legal & compliance consultant
  • Georgy Knyazhev joined as a avatar producer

April 2021:

  • Mika Kuusisto, co-founder and CEO, ENCE Esports joined as an active advisor.


Avatar V2.0 designed.

Soft MVP (Unity-based desktop application) tested by 30 streamers. Feedback collected. AI brain triggers are adjusted based on the numerous tests (11 hypotheses tested, 4 survived).

Business model 2.0 is created. Challenged and adjusted by advisors. To be tested in Alpha version.

Desktop and web app wireframes are ready. Legal paperwork - EULA, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy - ready and adapted to US and EU laws.


  • 1x 3D artist and 1x Animator are recruited;
  • Consultant: a guy who developed one of the top digital adult content star. Anonymous. A lot of insights and experience to be applied.

May 2021:

Delaware C-Corp is registered.

Game economy is developed and assessed by senior game economy designers from Gameloft and EA.

Go-to-market roadmap is created.

Together with ENCE, we build a brand activation campaigns for Red Bull and Wolt.

CodeMiko is interested to become our ambassador and promote digital avatars for streamers to support mental health.


Alpha version is launched for 10 ambassadors. Testing and iterating to increase engagement and retention metrics.

Web (website + web app) design is ready. Front-end developer is on it.


  • 2x Animators are recruited.

June 2021:

Polishing up before Beta launch.

Closed semi-automated tests (moderator manually triggers actions on the stream) show us an increase in:

  • chat interaction: Q/As, viewer username mentions, polls - people communicate more frequently in chat
  • more narrative: streamer have more conversation start points because of the previous point
  • automatically generated content: pics from social media from the stream works well as a real-time stream teaser
  • viewers want to take control over Buddy and activate actions
  • viewer consider Buddy as an interactive bot and want to mock him

Web app is 80% ready and could be seen here. Landing page is ready - https://gobuddy.ai

Together with ENCE.gg, we build a brand activation campaign for Wolt (a scandinavian food delivery giant). ENCE pro-players will ask voice commands and Buddy will distribute promo codes and play branded mini-games with viewers.

Recruited 1x Animator and 1x Unity developer (9 full-time/part-time team).

We are hiring:

  • Head of Community: a person who will be responsible for building and leading our community of streamers and players: senior, marketing background from top game tech company, Twitch, Discord, Steam and similar, California based.
  • Head of Revenue: a person who will be responsible for attracting partnerships: senior, entertainment advertising background from Twitch, YouTube, Playstation, EA, Google, eSports teams or similar, California based.