Progress & Timeline

End of February 2021, project gobuddy.ai was started

March 2020:

  • Vladimir Funtikov, CEO at Creative Mobile joined as an active advisor in game development, team building and performance
  • Interviewed 98 Twitch streamers and development roadmap created
  • Daniel Roda, ex-UI/UX designer, King joined as an advisor

April 2021:

Avatar V1.0 designed.

  • Kristine Young, Global Marketing Manager, Playstation joined as an advisor
  • Grig Kuznetsov, ex-EVP Global Financial Services, Wirecard joined as an active advisor in payment processing and payouts
  • Arina Tšekanina, ex-Chief Legal Officer, BASIS ID joined as a legal & compliance consultant
  • Georgy Knyazhev joined as a avatar producer

May 2021:

  • Mika Kuusisto, co-founder and CEO at ENCE Esports joined as an active advisor.


Avatar V2.0 designed.

Soft MVP (Unity-based desktop application) tested by 30 streamers. Feedback collected. AI brain triggers are adjusted based on the numerous tests (11 hypotheses tested, 4 survived).

Business model 2.0 is created. Challenged and adjusted by advisors. To be tested in Alpha version.

Desktop and web app wireframes are ready. Legal paperwork - EULA, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy - ready and adapted to US and EU laws.


  • 1x 3D artist and 1x Animator are recruited;
  • Consultant: a guy who developed one of the top digital adult content star. Anonymous. A lot of insights and experience to be applied.

June 2021:

Delaware C-Corp is registered.

Game economy is developed and assessed by senior game economy designers from Gameloft and EA.

Go-to-market roadmap is created.

Together with ENCE, we build a brand activation campaigns for Red Bull and Wolt.

CodeMiko is interested to become our ambassador and promote digital avatars for streamers to support mental health.


Alpha version is launched for 5 ambassadors. Testing and iterating to increase engagement and retention metrics.



  • 2x Animators are recruited.

July 2021:

Polishing up before Beta launch.


Closed semi-automated tests (moderator manually triggers actions on the stream) show us an increase in:

  • chat interaction: Q/As, viewer username mentions, polls - people communicate more frequently in chat
  • more narrative: streamer have more conversation start points
  • automatically generated content: pics from social media from the stream works well as a real-time stream teaser
  • viewers want to take control over Buddy and activate actions
  • viewer consider Buddy as an interactive bot and want to mock him

User account dashboard is 80% ready and could be seen here. Landing page is ready - https://gobuddy.ai

Together with ENCE.gg, we build a brand activation campaign for Wolt (a scandinavian food delivery giant). ENCE pro-players will ask voice commands and Buddy will distribute promo codes and play branded mini-games with viewers.

August/September 2021:

  • Benjamin Devienne , CEO at Piepacker (ex-Head of Research Strategy at Twitch and ex-Head of Data Science at Gameloft) joined as an active advisor.

25 streamers tried goBuddy. Fixed bugs and tested different engagements.

We also see first signs of network effect where other streamers want to try it:


We started to see different emotions from viewers:


The user account dashboard is ready.


Streamer does a Tik Tok (4 hours = 1000 views)

Applied for payment processing and payouts with Transaction Services in US.

We consulted with Artjom Rodichev, ex-Head of AI in Replika - #1 chatbot companion powered by artificial intelligence. We started to use GPT-2 for building the chatbot to add conversations between Buddy and viewers. While we use moderator to control the bot, we enhance ability to engage independently with viewers. Roadmap is updated.

Last month tests:

#Test 1
  1. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1110042831
  2. Feedback from streamer: GoBuddy was fun, he changes clothes throughout and tells viewers fun facts and was doing cool clothes changes and making viewers happy if there was one thing I would say is that he should be able to move all over the screen.


00:25:00 - 00:40:00 - There was a top donator on the stream who quickly started giving paid subscriptions. We need to make templates where the user's nickname can be inserted.

Bugs: A bug was found with rest animations - fixed.

On a next stream will try out mini-games and try to bait chatters on a messages.

#Test 2

1. https://www.twitch.tv/videos1112168464

2. Feedback from streamer: I loved the way he understood me and everything, he helped chat, played games and even make jokes about some of the stuff I was saying. It was fantastic. Some changes could be options for anything not suited for younger audiences like he started smoking in one part which I didn't like but he did make a good joke. Also with the character itself add sections for maybe voice control so the bot speaks when someone gifts or donates. or say GoBuddy Sing or GoBuddy how are you and he can respond.


00:11:40 - 00:13:00  tried to get the chat to communicate with the bot - ignored it, even when the bot wrote that it was sad that no one was answering.

00:42:00 - 01:00:00 invited the chat room to appreciate my new "outfit" Buddy. The audience actively participated and reacted to the costumes - The audience really enjoyed Buddy's makeover.

01:00:00 - 01:20:00 played word game with chat, actively played 3 people from chat. I responded as if had been playing with one player. Played 3 games. The audience liked it. - This kind of interactivity really went down well with the audience.

Bugs: None

Will try to get more out of the chat to spam and chat activity, because calls from Buddy to troll the streamer or write something in the chat are being ignored. I'll try to play games with them further, something along the lines of riddles or such. What can the bot do on its own. I don't think it's worth changing the streamer's routine, it's pretty balanced in terms of interactivity and simple reactions to the streamer's messages and commands. All sorts of scenarios have been tested so far. Continue in the same vein, see how the chat reacts to a familiar bot

#Test 3

1. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1113125805 2. Feedback from streamer: The bot was good with chat and interacting more but once again he was smoking I need a command to turn that stuff off.. Also it was interesting with his outfit changes.. maybe make him be able to do more minigames since that did well


00:26:00 - 00:28:00 - Reminded the audience that they could ask me any questions they wanted. The audience does not respond.

00:57:00 - 01:06:00 - Creating interest in Buddy by dressing up and asking viewers to choose my style and type of clothing - Viewers ignore doing this to myself. Only the streamer is supportive.

01:21:00 - 01:29:00 - Said I could count simple arithmetic - the audience started chatting and asking for simple arithmetic equations.

Bugs: when follow occur, the "Bye_03" animation is played. Maybe the triggers are not set correctly somewhere

The purple jacket is not displayed as it should be, the display bug in OBS remains. I'm going to try another mini-game, like a question and answer type of game. I'll try to get viewers to engage in chat activities.

#Test 4

2. Feedback from streamer: Gobuddy is cool and working well I would like it if I could put him on my acc game screen as well so i see what he says easier. Other than that its fine, some bug where he dissapears sometimes as well


00:19:00 - 00:21:00 - Maintained interest in the new mini-game. Interacted with the audience and invited them to ask me questions

00:30:00 - 00:32:00 - Asked what the audience wanted done. No one responded, perhaps something specific should be suggested 00:32:00 - 00:32:30 - Wrote into the chat room "if you see this write a smiley face" Viewers responded with the first successful response

00:45:00 - 00:47:00 - suggested that the audience change my outfit - no one responded

01:17:00 - 01:21:00 - played it off that Buddy was offended and left the stream, the viewers mostly ignored. There were guys who started chatting to Buddy or telling the streamer not to ignore him Bugs: none

#Test 5
  1. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1117167985 https://www.filemail.com/d/etozbhzipihseyc
  2. Feedback from streamer: I really liked that goBuddy acts more like a person instead of a bot and is able to respond to different messages. I wonder if that will happen without a person controlling it though The ability for people to donate/use subs to change the appearance of the goBuddy is also awesome because people like to make changes or just appear on the screen. Command interaction such as !jokes is also very good. I had some ideas with interactions yesterday but I, unfortunately, forgot haha, so If I think of any I'll let you know. I'd suggest changing some stuff thought. Instead of a big white box for text, the text should be white with a black outline, this way it will still be visible on any surface and won't look chunky or blocky. Or instead of a box, a chat bubble should pop up over goBuddy character. The gifs that play should also be changed, a big square looks unprofessional. Also, I think it should appear below the goBuddies head, not on the side because I imagine most of the people will have goBuddy on the side of the screen and not in the middle, where most of the game action happens.


00:14:00 - 00:17:00 - Joking with viewers and using their own words only directed in their direction - positive reaction from the streamer and the chat room

00:20:00 00:21:00 - Checking for viewers' attention on sending an emoji - viewers sent and responded.

00:22:00 - 00:23:00 - Sending game hints, chat unresponsive - used as a dilution and an opportunity to think about more complex interactions

00:23:30 - 00:28:00 - Introduced the Joke command with a joke, used the chatroom extensively, the jokes are simple but not bad.

00:30:00 - 00:33:00 - Told the chat that the next sub would change Buddy's skin to that of an astronaut - Viewer gifted the sub.

00:37:00 - 01:11:00 - The second time I tried to bait to buy a subscription, the appeals didn't work. Offered the chat to choose a costume, a lot of people participated. Eventually offered to change the costume for follows - 2 people followed.

00:54:00 - 00:55:00 - Game Hint, streamer reacted

00:47:30 - 00:49:00 - Checking for viewers' attention on sending an emoji - viewers sent and responded.

01:20:00 - 01:26:00 - Played a game with the audience, write in the chat, the name of the song on the first line - the game didn't go so well, 1 person played 01:31:30 - 01:32:00 - Game Hint

01:35:00 - 01:40:00 - Played town chain game.

02:18:00 - 02:23:00 - Streamer withdrew, did as many different reactions as possible chatting, dancing, changing costume - Online did not drop

In the rest of the intervals he actively interacted with the audience, joked about answering questions and some comments towards Buddy, joked that the Hindu who writes it all was actually sitting there and made an ironic joke about the work of the bot - the audience appreciated it.

#Test 6
  1. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1123174195
  2. https://www.filemail.com/d/pklgozqyyupbgqv
  3. Feedback from streamer: What caught my eye are some animations. On Idle goBuddy is a bit higher than the bottom (I'll attach pictures, Picture 1), but when it performs some movement, sometimes it goes below that (for example when it does pushups). and it could be a problem because I believe most users will put goBuddy at the bottom of the screen

I know this gap is for the clothes and appearence, so instead of lowering go buddy, i think the push up animation should just be brought up


00:15:00 - 00:19:00 - reacted to the tomato juice question by turning Buddy into a tomato-head - the audience reacted positively and actively.

00:19:00 - 00:19:30 - Reacted to the question 'How I look' with a popular answer from TikTok - the chat and streamer reacted vigorously.

00:20:00 - 00:21:00 - Viewers asked to make a certain movement, responded with "Specially for you" "Just for you" "Of course" and marked the viewer's nickname - always a positive response

00:25:00 - 00:26:00 - Announcements such as "Subscriptions help streamer and more" - Good opportunity to remind viewers to sign up for paid subscriptions and donations. 00:35:00 - 00:56:00 - decided to try the tactic of donating one sub for a viewer gives sub from bot, ended up being able to negotiate 3 of my sub for 2 viewers subs, finished off the HypeTrain, because another followed subscibed up afterwards as well. 00:39:00 - 00:46:00 - Invited the audience to play a game of sub, I asked a question and whoever answered first got a free sub. The question was very simple. After the gift the chat exploded in hearts and emotions - Very positive response, I think such a feature should be. 00:58:00 - 00:59:00 - Changing into a costume for a sub. - I keep on fluffing up good costume changes for a subscription, and dressing up the usual stuff just for fun. Need some cool animations for clothes.

01:42:00 - 01:55:00 - Talked to one of the viewers and made a 'deal' for the makeover she will give 5 subs when the money is there - We'll see what happens on the next stream Bugs: none

#Test 7
  1. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1146679924
  2. https://www.filemail.com/d/tvvhrxsjtpajqlp


00:00:00-00:10:00 - Greeted the viewers personally, asking how the viewers were feeling. Wished them a pleasant streaming - the channel's Olds began to recognise Buddy and cheer him on the stream.

00:13:00 - 00:18:00 - Answered questions and responds from the audience. Used the developments for the chat bot. Used memes as a basis - positive reaction from viewers and streamer. 00:20:00 - 00:30:00 - Streamer has a local meme about Buddy being held in the basement as an employee. Worked on the meme, responded funny to questions about what it's like to be held hostage - Great response, Buddy meme a great opportunity to solidify a position on the stream.

00:52:00 - 01:07:00 - Motivated viewers to subscribe for dressing up. Also reminded viewers to support the streamer - Viewers didn't want to sub for Buddy's cross-dressing. Need more cool full costumes and have them, somehow, highlighted in the admin panel so it's easy to find. 01:14:00 - 01:17:00 - Audience member asked Buddy to show tricks - Might be worth considering such animations at rest or special on-call 01:25:00 - 01:30:00 - Reproduced the famous "Rickroll" meme the chat exploded in emotion as did the streamer

01:36:00 - 01:45:00 - Called up random jokes from ready-made presets - Viewers loved it as well as streamer

01:46:00 - 01:55:00 - Game with viewers, all actively played — Streamer motivated them to play more and played himself

#Test 8
  1. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1147636354
  2. I can not think of anything that caught my eye yesterday, i really liked the game gobuddy made with the questions where people get points and win. apart from that, can't think of anything really, everything was smooth and nice, love the new animations.


    00:08:00 - 00:09:00 - remind viewers to support the streamer 00:09:30 - 00:10:00 - offered to give another one for the viewer's sub.

    00:30:00 -00: 48: 00 - conducted a quiz, the winner of which received a sub. - Active participation and interest of the entire chat. Emotional tension in the audience and excitement. Good positive reaction from the audience, everyone is involved to get the subs. 00:31:00 - 00:34:00 - viewer gifted 2 paid subscriptions and invited Buddy to beat them. Buddy gifted 2 paid subscriptions. - the viewers were very happy.

    00:48:30 - 00:50:30 - Streamer raid, reacted with different emotions.

    00:51:00 - 00:52:00 - Viewers ask to repeat the quiz 00:52:30 - 00:55:00 - Motivation to subscribe to streamer changes buddy costume to astronaut - There are not enough interesting buddy costumes that would motivate viewers to sub, so far only asking for a maid costume.

    01:03:00 - 01:05:00 - Mental support of the streamer, asked the viewers to spam the chat with hearts - The engagement of the viewers, the chat was filled with hearts and the streamer was very pleased.

    01:16 - 01:20 - enabled GPT2 chat bot, looked at the reaction of viewers - I continue to test phrases from the chat bot, first signs of good reaction.

    01:20 - 01:40 - viewers ask Buddy to say something. I copied this text and called it with various animations - Viewers want to have a sense of control over the bot and feel fully interactivity. Active audience involvement.

    01:36 - 01:38 - ask the viewers their opinion about the stream

    01:40 - 01:41:30 - ask the chat to spam the Kappa - The chat responds positively and spam it. Even those who haven't interacted with Buddy before.

    01:49 - 01:51 - enabled GPT2 chat bot, looked at the reaction of viewers - I continue to test phrases from the chat bot, first signs of good reaction.

We are hiring:

  • Head of Community: a person who will be responsible for building and leading our community of streamers and players: senior, marketing background from top game tech company, Twitch, Discord, Steam and similar, California based.
  • Head of Revenue: a person who will be responsible for attracting partnerships: senior, entertainment advertising background from Twitch, YouTube, Playstation, EA, Google, eSports teams or similar, California based.