Pivot / Possible scenarios


Develop core AI brain in-house. Attract independent designers and extension developers in one marketplace.

Other verticals:

Education, Just Chatting, Shows Other revenue streams:

  • Product placements & affiliate programs
  • Game codes & gift cards
  • Loans/smart funding for growth

More geographies: Southeast Asia (50M+ streamers)

Becoming a platform:

Step-1: build community of streamers in Discord and support existing communities to improve avatar;

Step-2: integrate with chat-bots, broadcasting softwares, media, payment gateways, minigames, merchandise (Fourthwall)

Step-3: let designers and indie developers earn. Open extensions marketplace where our bot is activating social gaming experiences;

Step-4: ewallet with prepaid card for streamers with no withdrawal time delay, partners discounts & perks, smart funding/loans for growth;

Step-5: collectible skins trading platform

Step-6: cross-platform monetary system integration with Twitch, YouTube Live and Facebook Gaming.