Market insights

Market insights

$9.3B revenue generated by Twitch, YouTube and other streaming platforms in gaming video content (GVC) market in 2020 from ads, tipping and subscriptions.

Tipping through third-party platforms: Eastern Europe - 238M USD in 2019 (DonationAlerts & QIWI) and Streamlabs in US  - 100M+ in 2018. $4 is average tip size.

9.5M monthly streamers, 2B hours watched, 3M average concurrent viewers, 25 average viewers per stream, 3.2 streams per week on Twitch (April 2021)

500+ streaming widgets & extensions available on the market (Twitch and Streamlabs extension marketplaces). Only 30+ extensions are actively used. Only 1-3 extensions is used in the same time.