Empower people from Estonia through the power of accessible IT education and by enabling them to apply their knowledge in internships.

How will it work? We pay 30 people for online courses and assign mentors.

  1. #justnameIT scholarship will pay for a course from Udemy, EdX and Coursera (up to 150 EUR) for up to 30 people in the following specialties (from top specialties in the Estonian IT job market):
  • customer support
  • digital and social marketing
  • project management
  • sales & business development
  • software engineering
  • design
  • accounting
  • recruitment

Every person will be assigned to a mentor who will track a progress and share their own experience. I contribute 7000 EUR to cover all necessary expenses to make the learning experience efficient.

2. Best performers will be referred for an internship in Estonian startups.